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Previous Committees

Holdsworth Committee 2022/23

Chair Jessica Gleeson, Vice-Chair Georgia Hanna, Treasurer Harri Turner, Secretary Miles Owen Simpson, Careers Officer Alyssa Loveres, Academic Officer Sarish Mohar, Bar Representative Kirsty Holmes,  Publicity Manager Jasmin Chambers, Publicity Officer Husna Shabbir, Social Events Officer Sophie Ellis and Walter Verkaik, Sports Officer Ella Barnes, First Year Representative Laura Hague, Diversity & Welfare Officer Waleed Hassan

Holdsworth Committee 2021/22
Committee Photo 2021-2022.jpeg

Chair Michelle Chan Pit Chu, Vice-Chair Jessica Gleeson, Treasurer Nick Auriana, Secretary Non Scott, Careers Officer Joel Bleich, Academic Officer Kate Woodhouse, Bar Representative Felicity Wood,  Publicity Manager Sophie Davy, Publicity Officer Alfie Futerman, Social Events Officer Sophie Ellis and Sam Howells, Sports Officer Rose Malekzadeh, First Year Representative Yaren Oguz, Diversity Officer Jasmin Chamber, Welfare Officer Alyssia Antonen

Holdsworth Committee 2020/2021

Chair Alex Willis, Vice-Chair Linh Hoang, Treasurer Aled Luckman, Secretary Elizabeth Baillie,

Careers Officer Alex Penny, Academic Officer Sara Shekarchi, Bar Representative Emily Wilson,

Publicity Officer Daniel Foyalan, Events Officers Michelle Chan Pit Chu and Rebecca Stretch,

Sports Officers Abi Wyeth and Archie Perks, First Year Representative Millie-Rose Wells, and

Welfare and Diversity Officers Gwyneth To and Angel Valdivieso

Holdsworth Committee 2019/2020

Chair Annabel Rowland, Vice-Chair Neave Lloyd, Treasurer Aled Luckman, Secretary Linh Hoang,

Careers Officer Haniefah Mbabaali, Academic Officer Zachary Tan, Bar Representative Anna Hayes,

Publicity Officer Freya Squizzoni, Events Officers Beth Pickering and Emilie Bird, Sports Officer Ross Cook, First Year Representative Jemina Kauppinen, LLB for Graduates Representative Peter De Sanctis, and Welfare and Diversity Officers Yasmin Ahmad and Drew Burkey

Holdsworth Committee 2018/2019
Committee group 3.jpg

Chair Harriet Smith, Vice-Chair Ed Rutter, Treasurer Ross Cook, Secretary Annabel Rowland, 

Careers Officer Gilliam Ayim, Academic Officer Matthew Martin, Bar Representative Eloise Marriot, 

Publicity Officer Sophie Durn, Events Officers Jordan Baker and Raphaella Bojouri,

Sports Officer Jonathan Ford, First Year Representative Ellen Abrahall, LLB for Graduates Representative Marco Gaspar, and Welfare and Diversity Officer Natasha Okoye

Holdsworth Committee 2017/2018
balcony b&w framed.png

Chair Robbie Paratore, Vice-Chair Mima Mark, Treasurer Tom Wright, Secretary Harriet Smith, 

Careers Officer Ellie McCarthy, Bar Representative Elisha Raj Sidhu, Publicity Officer Kiran Soul,

Events Officers Neave Paris Root and Michael Parker, Sports Officer Joe Taylor,

First Year Representative Ed Rutter, LLB for Graduates Representative Clement Lou, and Welfare and Diversity Officer Robert Peat

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