Social Events

Law Ball

The Holdsworth Club Law Ball is without doubt the flagship event of the year for Law students, taking place in March shortly before the end of second semester. Attendance in the past has ranged from 400 – 500 students. The Law ball usually involves a theme, such as ‘A Night in Monte Carlo’, ‘Once Upon a Time’ and the ‘Great Gatsby’ which have given the last three balls their character. As well as food and drink, entertainment and props are provided to make sure the evening is one to remember. The ball provides considerable opportunities for students to enjoy themselves and socialise with their friends whilst bringing a fashionable close to their academic year. It is a memorable event that will always be apart of the Holdsworth tradition.  


A highlight for our first years, and an event that members keep coming back to, is our Law Annual Welcome Drinks. This bar crawl is a great chance for the whole society to come together to take on Broad Street. We often tackle the bar crawl as a three-legged race to the final destination and it is always a brilliant night. This is an event where students get to know each other, break the ice and build lasting friendships. 

The Holdsworth Christmas Party

The Holdsworth Christmas Party was set up by our 2019/20 committee. It aimed to celebrate the first years settling into University life with a celebration before the Christmas break and post assignments.

It was a largely anticipated and well-enjoyed event, where members were able to enjoy music and socialising in a privately hired venue. 

Law vs Medics

Each year we have a competition against the Medical School. Whatever school draws the biggest number of students sporting either the Law or Medic shirts wins! This is all-night event not to be missed as it is one of our biggest annual events. 

The Vale Drinks and Welcome Mixer

For an opportunity to meet coursemates before the term starts and the pressure begins to build, we will be hosting a social for first-year students (and any interested Second and Final years). This ice breaker event allows students to get to know each other in advance of our bigger yearly events. 

Summer Garden Party

The Holdsworth Summer Party is an annual tradition where the official handover of committees takes place. The event is a garden party, yet this year it hopes to mimic the nature of the Christmas event. The formal event, with music, will serve not only as a welcome to the new committee but as a celebration and wind-down after the busy exam period, thus allowing members to enjoy the summer evening with their fellow members.

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