A solicitor is a member of the legal profession that holds a qualification (depending on their jurisdiction) that enables them to deal with most legal matters. Solicitors can work for a law firm, or for an in-house legal team as part of an organisation or company. The type of work that a solicitor practices can vary dramatically, from commercial law to private client. 

In England, you can do a three of four-year degree at university – it can be a law degree, but it does not have to be. If you do not choose to do a law degree, you will be entitled to complete a conversion course, known as the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) for a year. After this, you must enroll on to the Legal Practioners Course, which can take anything from 6-12 months, depending on your circumstances. The LPC takes place at the University of Law or BPP, throughout the country. After this, most graduates will try and seek a Training Contract, which is where a firm will take you on and train you for 2 years, at which point you will qualify as a solicitor. 

It is the role of the Career’s Officer to provide the best resources possible in order to help its members succeed in their plans for the future. This means working with a range of firms of all levels, that practice in different areas of the law, in different parts of the country, to ensure that we are reaching all our members needs, including those who are unsure of what they want to do. The role is also to listen to the members, to see what they would find most beneficial, whether that is a presentation from an expert or a workshop. The Career Officer will ensure that members are aware that many firms are also interested in a members extra-curricular activities, whether that is playing a sport, or supporting a local charity. 

At Holdsworth we do a number of things to help facilitate our members. For example, our Holdsworth careers team works with the law schools careers service, CEPLER, to organise networking events with law firms. The aim of these events is to provide a platform for our members to strengthen their professional relationship with people from the legal profession. We also  organise workshops that specialise in advising members on their CV’s, cover letters, interview etiquette and application advice. Additionally, we hold an annual law fair at the University of Birmingham, in order for our members to keep up to date about firms’ application processes. 

If you are a Holdsworth member and are seeking guidance and support with anything related to careers please contact our Careers Officer:

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