Society Focus


 The Holdsworth Club aims to include and benefit every student member by offering them access to a myriad of opportunities that include but are not limited to career, social and sporting events. We offer an inclusive, diverse and supportive atmosphere that is open to all students irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, religious or sexual identity.


The Holdsworth Executive committee and our volunteers work seamlessly to bring the best opportunities to the Holdsworth Club. We work with and listen to our sponsors and student members from across the country to ensure that every event fulfills and enhances our members prospects. The Holdsworth Club encourages not only teamwork within the Executive but amongst our members. 


The Holdsworth Club, through the provision of tailored activities and events, seeks to develop our members holistically to make them well rounded and progressive individuals. The law and non-law based events exposes our members to greater world knowledge and opportunities that enhances and broadens their horizons. 


Our inclusive and diverse environment supplemented by our teamwork and development initiatives seek to progressively provide and promote opportunities that allow leading organisations to recognise that our members are intellectually well-rounded, respectful and driven.