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A word I’m sure our finest student advocates at Birmingham Law School could tear to shreds in a moot. What exactly counts as doing something together? How closely aligned must two people’s goals be for them to be reasonably considered as ‘in it together’?

The truth is, the exact definition of together does not matter at this moment we find ourselves in. We need every member of our community to feel what they perceive to be togetherness throughout these challenging times. Together, in that sense, is a feeling. Or, as students might put it, a vibe.

We need to be more together than ever before. That may sound like a somewhat unrealistic aim given the circumstances we find ourselves in. But if togetherness is a feeling - or vibe - then proximity is not necessary. So I would urge you to think about what you can do to foster that feeling of togetherness in every interaction you have with a member of our community - whether that interaction is in person or not.

This week, the new term started at Birmingham Law School. But while the Peregrines will still circle Old Joe and the Great Hall will still tower over Chancellor’s Court, this semester will not be the same. There is no way to sugarcoat it: the situation we find ourselves in is not ideal. I don’t know anyone who is claiming otherwise. But we can still make a success out of this academic year. This will not be easy but as the proverb says: where there’s a will there’s a way. We will have to adapt quickly. We will have to be innovative. We will need to show a hunger to succeed without looking for excuses. All of that will take time. But being decent people full of kindness, compassion, understanding and appreciation does not require any new thinking. The methods of making someone’s day just that little bit better are the same regardless of whether you are three feet or three continents away from them.

Certainly, the Holdsworth Club committee are striving to make sure we do what we can to support our members over the course of the year. Both sponsorship and Fresher recruitment have gone incredibly well and we are confident we can take that momentum into the new term and put on events that really do bring people together. I’m very keen to pool our sizeable collective brainpower this year so if you have a good idea of something you want us to do then please get in touch - the worst we can say is no!

I can assure you that if we all approach this year with the right mentality then it can still be a memorable one. The lows may be unavoidable, but the highs will be unforgettable. We need to be relentless in our pursuit of ensuring we end on the latter.

By working hard, staying positive and looking out for one another we can achieve that.



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