Holdsworth Tutoring

The Holdsworth Club offers an exclusive free tutoring service for its members. This program is overseen by the Holdsworth Vice-Chair and the Academic Director. Individual sessions are led by upper year Holdsworth Members. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please see the time and room allocations for each module noted below. Modules include: Contract, Tort, Public, Criminal, and Land Law.

Criminal Law

Time Table

4-5PM October 4 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM October 11 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM October 18 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM October 25 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM November 1 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM November 8 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM November 15 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM November 22 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM November 29 - Moot Room (M1)

4-5PM December 6 - Moot Room (M1)

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