Diversity & Welfare

At the Holdsworth Club we take student welfare and diversity very seriously. We are an inclusive and diverse Club that caters to the needs of all individuals from varying backgrounds. Holdsworth has a Welfare & Diversity Officer to ensure that all events are inclusive and diverse.  We understand that Law School may seem daunting and overwhelming at times. The welfare of all members of the Law School is extremely important to the Holdsworth Club and the position of Welfare and Diversity is key to this. We are here to help and support you every step of the way.  Your first port of call for any issue is your Personal Tutor. In addition to their role being academic, they can also to point you in the right direction if you are struggling with any personal issues. It is also possible for you to talk with the Law School’s welfare tutors whose contact details are below.

Our aim within the Holdsworth Club is to provide a supportive and represented environment for all of those who study within Birmingham Law School. We wish for you to enjoy your time at Birmingham, we aim to help you deal with your welfare needs throughout your time. It is important to Holdsworth that everyone also feels included and represented within the Law School.

Diversity and welfare is, as stated in our aims, about making sure that the whole of the Law School student body can release their full potential from their legal education. Diversity is about making sure that no one feels that there is a barrier to either their education or their prospect of finding a career when they have graduated or during their legal education. It is also about including everyone is events and diversifying events to deliver to those with differing needs. Welfare is about making sure that you feel supported during your time at Birmingham. It is also about raising the awareness of both your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Holdsworth Club aims throughout the year to keep students up to date with relevant information and helpful resources regarding any welfare sessions which will be put on by the Law School or other organisations within the University. It is the aim of Holdsworth to put on drop in sessions with regard to welfare. Holdsworth will aim to work with other societies and organisations to organise a diverse range of events and opportunities for all of those within the law school. 

What the holdsworth club does throughout the year

What is diversity and welfare?

Our Aims

Welfare Tutors

Angel Valdivieso/ Gwyneth To

Holdsworth Diversity & Welfare Officer

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Libby Proctor

Law School Welfare Officer

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Monday: 12-1pm, 4-5pm

Tuesday: 10-11am, 3-4pm

Thursday: 1:30-3:30pm

Friday: 9:30-10-:30am, 2-3pm

Phone: 0121 414 627

Dr Anastasia Vakulenko

Law School Diversity & Inclusion Officer

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Monday: TBC

Tuesday: TBC

Thursday: TBC

Friday: TBC

Phone: 0121 414 6300