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Chair Candidates 

Jessica Gleeson

My name is Jess Gleeson, and I am a second-year straight law student. I am an organised, passionate and motivated individual who is well adapted to working independently and team working situations which would help me to deliver the best service as Chair of the club. I am well versed in the running of the club and the committee having been Vice Chair and Secretary this academic year. 

This will help me in the role as I am aware of the size of the task and can organise my time accordingly to ensure that the club and committee can run efficiently. Playing sport from a young age has improved my communication skills both in a professional setting and a social setting. This would help me succeed in the role as I would be confident in both communicating externally with firms to secure sponsorships but also, I would be confident in communicating and leading a team. Having been on a successful committee this year, I have learnt the running of the club and have helped the club develop to new heights and as Chair I would love to continue in this upwards progression.  


I would endeavour to keep up the community ethos within the club high by having range of social events throughout the year whilst providing club members with career opportunities. This year’s Law Ball and the Networking Extravaganza are great examples of how amazing club events can be. I would like to introduce more skill-based workshops to help our members with both their academic studies and also any career ambitions. As Chair, I will aim to work with the committee to create an inclusive and supportive environment within the club to ensure that all have a great year and continue the success of the Holdsworth Club.

Georgia Hanna

My name is Georgia Hanna, a first-year Law student, and I am running for the position of Chair.


Having been the Communications Officer of my Church’s Youth Council for the last 3 years, my definition of leadership is built on what it means to be an effective team player. Learning to build meaningful interactions with individuals despite generational and cultural barriers has shown me that great leaders are great listeners. When I sat and listened to your concerns, that’s when I found the true tenor of my voice which urges me to stand before you today as a running candidate for the position of Chair. 

My experience as an ambassador for the Holocaust Educational Trust and Ladies of Law community has taught me that the power we hold is limitless so long as we don’t allow our circumstances to define us. I want the Holdsworth Society to have a range of resources and opportunities available to help you be bold in believing and pursuing your wildest ambitions. I plan to do this by hosting legal skills workshops, running inter-varsity debate competitions, and expanding and further utilizing our sponsorship network. Having reached the finals in this years’ BLS Negotiation Competition, I am prepared to speak to law firms, chambers, public bodies, and non-law businesses on potential collaborations such as conferences, networking evenings and speaker events. 


To increase our visibility within the university, I want to encourage collaborations with non-law societies on areas where Law and, for example, Business, Technology or Politics intersect. This can also include social events to celebrate cultural festivals. To expand accessibility, I will implement a subsidization scheme for those from low-income backgrounds so that the cost of events and memberships are paid for. 


I am confident that I have the skills and the experience necessary to chair this committee towards achieving its most innovative goals. 


Thank you all for listening.

Treasurer Candidate

Harri Turner

My name is Harri Turner, I am a second year LLB law student running for Treasurer. I am a committed and hard-working individual with a good work ethic and I will give my best efforts to the role of treasurer. I am already a committed member of the Holdsworth club having attended many of the events this year as well as having been heavily involved in the running of the club’s football team. This experience has helped me build an understanding of the club, realising its value and significance and I am eager to build upon this in the next academic year, ensuring that similar opportunities continue and thrive.

I understand the importance of the role of treasurer and I believe I have the necessary skills to succeed in this role. Being head boy at secondary school required me to routinely give presentations to peers, parents and staff and this greatly improved my communication skills. This will enable me to communicate confidently and efficiently both internally with other members of the committee and externally with law firms and venues in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. I am an organised individual with good time management skills which I have demonstrated regularly during my time as a cricket coach. Utilising these skills will allow me to navigate periods of heavy workload, ensuring that all deadlines are met.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 8.05.49 PM.png

As treasurer I will be committed to ensuring that the clubs finances and budget are continuously monitored in order for the club to continue and enhance its offering of events and opportunities to its members. I will make sure that all invoices and communications with sponsors are dealt with promptly and in an efficient manner. 


I am eager to take a hands-on approach to the role of treasurer, working collaboratively with other committee members to achieve the best results for the Holdsworth Club.

Secretary Candidates

Miles Owen Simpson

Why am I qualified for the role?

  • Passionate, approachable, and dedicated 18-year-old (1st year) LLB Law student

  • Committed to making a difference in the community

  • Organised, punctual and detail oriented

  • Great teamwork and communication skills

  • Ran a successful campaign to become a Member of Youth Parliament involving networking, digital design, and communication

  • Experience as Deputy Head Boy

  • Experience in volunteering and elected roles

  • Public speaking and networking experience

  • Experience of raising awareness and money for charities and other non-profit organisations


How will I better the society?

  • Clear communicator, to enable clear communication between departments, committee members and the community

  • Tech proficiency (with qualifications in ECDL and IT), allowing for concise, precise, and quick notetaking

  • Strong interpersonal skills and capable of building professional relationships, enabling for more effective collaboration

  • Committed to working non-standard working hours for timely responses to committee members and the community

  • Accurate spelling and grammar skills, allowing for effective communication

  • Capable of managing a team and collaborating with committee members to achieve set goals

Walter Verkaik

My name is Walter Verkaik, I am a friendly second year LLB Law student and have been a passionate member of the Holdsworth Club for the past two years, as well as a member of the football team. I am well organised and someone who is adapted to working well in a team as well as individually. From a young age I have captained various sports teams and am proficient in communicating information.


I am also the co-owner of a small start up and have had to deal with the administrative issues thrown at me from that meaning I am well versed in tackling these types of problems. I am present on social media making me easily contactable. I have helped design magazines in the past for charitable causes meaning I will be able to communicate important information effectively in the Holdsworth weekly newsletter. I am also motivated to progress the club further with the pledges below. 


I would endeavour to continue the weekly newsletters are packed with a wide range of opportunities including work experiences, academic support, socials, grad schemes as well as networking opportunities. In addition to this, I would also look to improve the transparency of the club with attaching the minutes of Committee meetings to make sure members always have a complete understanding of the issues being tackled. As secretary, I would also significantly increase the amount of merchandise available to members including a club tie.


Furthermore, I would ensure the Holdsworth Club is actively using all social media sites and make important information for all members easily accessible. Finally, I am a quick responder and would be always available to answer internal or external questions any Holdsworth member may have.

Careers Officer Candidate 

Alyssa Nicole M. Loveres

Responsible and Reliable Leadership


I’m Aly, a first year LLB law student and an international student from the Philippines. I pride myself on being a proactive, diligent, and motivated individual, as I devoted myself to student council and advocacy work during my first undergraduate degree.


As the former Education Head of my previous student council, I managed political communications by drafting 120+ statements, general education by hosting fora and summits on political and academic matters, and volunteerism by connecting students to NGOs and advocacy organisations. I accomplished similar work as my political party’s Political Affairs Head, where I organised campaigns for workers' rights, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. I also spearheaded lobbying efforts against the construction of unsustainable infrastructure projects, where we worked with NGOs in submitting position papers to the Philippine Government. 


Through these, I got to hone my skills in time management, leadership, and communication, all while accomplishing work I am passionate about.

Building a Sense of Direction


Moving forward, I plan to bring my past experiences into the Holdsworth Club as your Careers Officer by helping fellow members become more proactive and prepared in entering the legal profession. 


To make members more competitive, I will host application support workshops, while keeping members updated through databases for work experience opportunities. Alongside these will be welfare programmes to help us cope with rejections and stressors involved in the application process.


To help members form a sense of direction for their career, I plan to hold pathway events to raise awareness on different career paths within the legal profession. Seeing as how there are many aspiring solicitors in Holdsworth, I will also spearhead commercial awareness boot camps for those seeking to enter commercial law. 

To keep members connected, I aim to oversee mentorship sessions bridging upperclassmen with younger students, and networking events to expose members to law firms and chambers.

Academic Officer Candidate

Sarish Singh Mohar

Hello fellow law students!

I am passionate about the Law and in particular, the field of criminal defence and I hope to put that passion into practice when I graduate from BLS. 

Why should you vote for me?

I have a wide range of experience holding leadership positions being the Vice President of both my high school’s debate team and the UOB Debate team as well. I was a school ambassador for 3 years representing the interest of students internally and the school externally. 

I believe I am suited to this role because I understand what it feels like for students to step into the uncharted waters of university education. Having not studied for five years before Uni, I initially felt out of depth with the academic world, putting me in a great position to relate and render support to students who need it. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 5.31.32 PM.png

I endeavour to contribute to the society in the following ways: 


1. To improve on tutoring sessions by: 

  • Having a structured scheduling of tutoring sessions in advance (as far as possible)

  • Potentially offer the option of in-person tutoring for students

  • Increase the pool of tutors to reduce class size 


2. Closer liaison with the Diversity & Welfare Officer and UOB Mental Health and Well Being Society to run events targeted at student’s well-being to help cope with academic stress and other adjustment difficulties. 


3. Create networking sessions in an academic setting such as:

  • Collaborative events with law students from other universities (within and outside of UK)

  • Talks from experts in legal professions outside of UK


3. Foster a more consultative approach to obtain opinions from students about the kinds of support they require


4. Commit time to students (especially Freshers) to reach out to me for support and advice

Barrister Representative Candidates

Kristy Holmes

About Myself And Why I Am Qualified For The Role:


My name is Kirsty Holmes and I am a first-year student studying LLB Law. I achieved an overall first in my modules in semester one and I have an interest in the Bar profession and aspire to become a criminal barrister. Representing and advising clients, under pressure to help them achieve their desired results, really motivates me and I find this process challenging which is something I would like to be a part of.  


Attending Bar events that Holdsworth has held like 'Women at the Bar', interested me as I am aware of the gender inequality of the profession, especially as a woman, and I found the event very engaging. I have also interviewed barrister Hashi Mohammed, who spoke about the struggles he went through which has greatly shaped my thoughts and views about people’s experiences. I believe my knowledge and passion for the Bar profession is fitting for this role. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 6.18.26 PM.png

Why I Would Better The Society: 

My aims of being a Barrister Representative would be to: 

  1. Increase academic support by seeking out more Bar related opportunities for everyone like advocacy workshops

  2. Encourage and implement diversity and diverse events 

  3. Provide support and boost confidence to overcome the challenges faced by the Bar 

  4. Listen to every student and work together to ensure the well-being of our members 

Ayza Muneer Khan

Growing up I was exposed to various different cultures and because of this I learned that circumstances out of one's control can often have the biggest impact. For example: I moved to England when I was eleven years old and I had to adapt very quickly to ensure I did not fall behind my classmates. This could often be overwhelming, but it taught me resilience and how to be empathetic towards other people. This has caused me to develop good interpersonal skills, which I believe are useful for this role, because they will allow me to communicate with people of different backgrounds and this will enable me to organise events in line with public interest.


I have noticed that socioeconomic status dictates the severity of punishments universally. I want to address this issue by organising events with barristers who are working to reform this.

Ayza Khan.jpg

Birmingham Law School has such a large cohort of students, all of who have different aspirations. If I become the barrister representative, I hope to introduce events that will allow members to be fully informed as to what is needed for their particular career path. I plan to do this by arranging online meetings with barristers who work in the UK, as well as those who work abroad, so that members who would like to work internationally are aware of the steps they need to take.


Diversity is extremely important to me and I want to make sure that everyone feels as though they can have a successful career, regardless of their background. Due to this, I would like to organise more events similar to the "Women At The Bar" event. As a whole, I am aiming to enrich everyone's BLS experience so that all members feel prepared to enter the legal profession.

Publicity Manager Candidate

Jasmin Chambers

The past year, I’ve been honoured to be your Diversity and Welfare Officer. Therefore, I am extremely familiar with committee operations. My opportunities communicating to you all through visual and written media inspired me to continue my passion for enhancing your law student experience creatively as Publicity Manager. 


I created an unprecedented change through diversifying the club's social media outreach, especially to minorities. I ensured all of your religious and cultural events were celebrated by Holdsworth throughout the year on social media. I proudly created an Instagram Diversity Takeovers series where cultural events were shared from a first hand perspective, such as myself teaching members about Diwali. 

Exclusively, my committee experience has enabled me to identify where improvements can be made next year. Moreover, as Marketing Officer for the Black and Ethnic Minorities Association combined with producing Guild social media content and uniquely proficient with designing engaging content for Holdsworth (e.g. World Poetry Day and Ramadan), my wealth of experience makes me proficient in managing publicity for Holdsworth.

Jasmin Chambers.jpg

Voting Jasmin will provide you with an effective organ of communication between Committee and Members. I will ensure better transparency on day to day updates through also incorporating Twitter. Furthermore, I will guarantee the Club continues publicising diversity content. My content will combine exuberance and professionalism. I will also introduce a podcast so that talks can be recorded if you cannot attend.  


As previous Welfare officer, providing well-being drop in hours each week, and as a Student Mentor, I can promise you an approachable open dialogue platform. Your concerns will be met with a friendly response and passed onto the committee to be acted upon effectively.


Overall, it would be brilliant to simultaneously utilise the experience I have gained whilst bringing something new to a creative position I am passionate about. 

Links to Jasmin's Portfolio: story & post

Social Events Officer Candidate

Sophie Ellis

My name is Sophie Ellis, and I was last years Events Officer, and I am running for re-election. I am a second year (going into third) LLB Law student. I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to continue this role. Although highly motivated, I understand the importance of also having down time, and with this, the importance of socials for the Society so everyone can get to know each other. Having already been Events Officer for 2021/22, I can confidently deliver successful events meeting all member requirements, with some of the most recent successes including Law Ball, LAWD, Christmas Party and sober socials such as bowling. 

Given my previous experience, I will be able to securely lead events for the Holdsworth Club maximising member satisfaction and experience. I will continue to be friendly and approachable for all members and take into consideration member’s needs and suggestions so everyone can feel included within the Club. I now also feel confident enough to expand and introduce new events, including the expansion of lawyers versus MEDSOC events, which everyone enjoyed last year! I also stand for regular end of term celebrations, and increased sober socials, including ideas such as laser tag and ice skating. 

Sophie Ellis.jpg

Additionally, given the worrying increase of spiking, I would also introduce increased security at social events, and choose venues which have a comprehensive safety policy and measures in place. I believe this would help to keep our members both safe and comfortable at events and maximise enjoyment. 


Thank you reading my manifesto and for all your previous support – I hope you will continue to support me, and vote for me to be your 2022/23 Holdsworth Club Events Officer. 

Sports Officer Candidates

Ella Barnes

My name is Ella Barnes; I am a penultimate year Law with Business Studies student and am running to be the next sports officer of the Holdsworth Club. I am currently a member of the Holdsworth netball team, but throughout my education, I have been an active participant in many sports teams, including gymnastics, athletics, and rounders. Additionally, I have been a gymnastics coach since 2015 and have held a level 1 qualification for the past three years. My past and current experiences have given me many transferable skills such as organisation and time management. Therefore, I believe I would be well equipped to keep on top of any registration processes or new opportunities open to Holdsworth sports teams such as campus league, intersocietal matches, or possibilities to take part in events against law teams from other universities.


Physical activity is crucial for a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically so I believe it would be important for the society to increase participation rates by creating both social and competitive sports teams. I would aim to create a friendly and open atmosphere where anyone can feel comfortable to try something new, socialise or have the chance to increase their sporting ability. For me joining the netball team helped me settle into university life as I was able to meet new people and make new friends. Currently, the Holdsworth Club only offers two different sports, football and netball, limiting the number of members we could get to participate in sport. If elected, I would aim to introduce new opportunities to get involved through sports such as hockey, rounders, or benchball.


Thank you and please feel free to ask any questions about my ideas by contacting me at

Callum Sussex

About me:

  • Second year Law LLB student

  • Holdsworth football captain

  • Legal Eagle

  • He/him

I would be delighted to answer any queries that you have about my manifesto!



What I would bring to the Position: 

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 10.53.21 PM.png
  • An increase in funding through local sponsorship, creating more access to Holdsworth sport and raising its quality.

  • An improved relationship between the netball and football teams through intraclub friendly games in both sports, benefiting the club as a whole.

  • A reinforcement through our sport teams, of the importance of diversity, inclusion and openness in the Holdsworth club.

  • Increasing the social media presence of Holdsworth sport will encourage and inform members, especially first year students, about the opportunities that the club provides.

  • Arranging more games against MedSoc, encouraging crowds, and linking this with a joint social.

  • Entering the football team into a Sunday campus league, as the netball team are, which is far more accessible for members who play other university sports on a Wednesday.

  • More frequent netball and football tournaments against law societies from other universities, on Bournbrook.

  • Regular updates from me, about the opportunities and changes that you want from your club.

Why I should be Your Sports Officer:

  • Experience in organising Holdsworth fixtures, team sheets, training sessions, social media, and on-field decisions.

  • Involvement in fixtures against MedSoc, and an interuniversity tournament in Manchester which I intend to recreate for others to experience.

  • A desire to provide opportunities for you to try a variety of sports, available at all levels, and to see you develop a love for the game.

  • An aspiration to assist the development of player pathways who are looking to play a high standard of social sport for Holdsworth.

  • Arranging friendly fixtures during off-season term time to allow the continuation of player improvement.

  • I am currently playing multiple sports simultaneously at social and competitive levels so will be available to aid and advise players in balancing their physical and academic workload, to ultimately enhance your overall university experience.

Diversity & Welfare Officer Candidates

Waleed Hassan


I am an incredibly passionate and energetic member of the Holdsworth Club. As a member I have always actively contributed to the club`s events and activities. Now, I want to take this a few steps forward, and becoming part of the committee is a great way of doing it. I chose to candidate myself as Diversity and Welfare officer because I feel this is the role where I can successfully merge passion, enthusiasm, and my own personal experience as a student with multi-cultural and international background together. 

Personally, I am a first-year law student that was born and raised in Italy. I also lived for a few years in Jordan before moving back to Milan, to subsequently join my mother in moving to the UK. All these experiences helped me develop a strong interest in discovering people`s different perspectives and stories. But more than this, an interest in people.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.15.27 PM.png


As a candidate for this role, I have a long-term vision that will see this society thrive and expand its horizons in terms of activeness and availability. 

As a Diversity and Welfare officer candidate I believe that availability, engagement, and human relation building are key. Accordingly, I intend to maintain schemes such as the “Family Scheme” for first-year students. But also add new schemes, such as a “Mental Health” scheme aimed at softening the academic pressure on the members of the society. As well as a one-day scheme containing a first aid fee-free course. These schemes and events will be aimed at ensuring a high standard of well-being among the society members. 

In relation to diversity, for each semester there will be reports and plans on how to improve diversity in our society. This will be done by constant availability of the office to assist its members under any circumstance. 

Eesha Parikh

Why am I qualified for the role?

The duties I undertook as Deputy Head Girl for Operations during Sixth Form carries strong resemblance to the Family Scheme. I had to create spreadsheets and allocate students to tours, school events, and parents’ evenings. I was awarded this newly devised role despite being the only new girl to sixth form on the team; I believe this indicative of my organisational competence.

I was an Air Cadet Sergeant, tackling safeguarding, welfare issues and awareness as an integral part of my role. I would like to use these skills to push diversity awareness (being women of colour myself) to the max and be a recognised port of call for Holdsworth members to reach out to.

I have been both a child and a parent within the Family Scheme and would love to contribute back to the scheme with notes for change having experience both elements of the operation.

Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 11.26.08 PM.png

How will I better the society?


My substantive idea for bettering the society is by creating a ‘Holdsworth Support Network’.


My vision is to create an online platform for students to turn to for advice and support in the hope that it would be more accessible than in person events. I aim to use the anonymity of social platforms to encourage students to help guide each other with forum’s, Instagram polls and speeches from inspirational people.


My three focal areas would be welfare support, minority group awareness and tackling imposter syndrome. I wish to create a community where students can ‘get real’ about what some less discussed aspects of being a law student. I intend on continuing the legacy of the broadcasting celebrations of ethnic minority events, enhanced using the platform suggested.

Jagjeet Roth

If I were to be described, I would be described as an optimist with exceptional interpersonal skills which that I believe makes me the ideal candidate for the role. I take pride in concerning myself in the welfare for others, so being a welfare officer aligns with what I believe is my moral obligation. An example of this stems from when I engaged in distribution of key information about spiking to people to ensure their welfare and wellbeing with no incentive but my own personal moral obligation.


The diversity role also resonates with me as an ethnic minority who hails from a multicultural background, and I’ve always been inquisitive and intrigued regarding other cultures. I found that I respect certain aspects and values from cultures that may not be present in western cultures and tend to distribute the knowledge to educate others, this make’s the role of diversity and welfare officer more engaging and fulfilling for me. 


To improve the society, I would try and introduce innovative changes to increase engagement with the Holdsworth club and provide more value to members. For the welfare role I would aim to introduce events that help to improve students transition to university, an example of this may be through a social media campaign of easy meals to cook to help students who are living on their own for the first time learn valuable independent skills. For the Diversity aspect, I want to emphasise and explore more international opportunities as achieving a training contract in England is extremely competitive which further adds pressure to the students along with exams due to job security. My aim to make students more familiar with law firms from other cultures and inviting said firms for talks to allow the students to recognise there are more exciting options beyond borders.  

Nana Afia K. Serebour 

My name is Afia Serebour, a First-year Law student and I am running for the role of Diversity and Welfare officer.


The key to welfare is health, comfort, happiness and pushing past the thoughts of self-doubt. I had these thoughts when starting Law school and I would like to support students transitioning to the next stage of their academic journey through initiatives such as the family scheme. As a woman of colour, diversity is important to me as throughout my life I have benefitted from many diversity and inclusion schemes such as joining UoB through the A2B scheme and mentoring from a lawyer at Dentons. These have shown me that I am just as capable as any person. I am approachable and trustworthy due be being elected as Grounds prefect in secondary school and being a UoB student ambassador as I am the bridge between the student body and school authorities. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 12.07.08 AM.png

Diversity in the legal profession is important to law firms and society. As a part of Black Excellence Network, Rare Recruitment and Aspiring Solicitors, I have developed networks and as a diversity and welfare officer, I aim to expose Holdsworth members to opportunities that arise which are aimed at students from social mobility backgrounds, BAME, sexual orientation etc. which should encourage more law students to get involved in the legal world. I will also reach out to law firms that aim to improve inclusion and diversity to organize webinars and diversity events. I will shed light on welfare issues such as isolation and anti-spiking accompanied by safety measures by promoting services and resources. I will talk to students that bring up any welfare concerns and signpost them to relevant services when needed. Finally, I will work cohesively with my peers to ensure the club runs efficiently. 

Lucy Stephenson

I am a pro-active, compassionate, determined, and hard-working second-year law student. As well as being a member of the Holdsworth Law Society, I am also a member of BUAC Cool Runnings; training weekly and competing. During the COVID-19 pandemic I qualified as a Level 3 Healthcare Assistant working for the NHS. I thoroughly enjoy my healthcare role and using my position to help others, and subsequently I see the role of Diversity and Welfare Officer as an opportunity to help, support, and encourage Holdsworth Society members. I am also a part of the University’s Pro Bono Society and have relished in using my legal skills and experience to help others. I wish to continue to use my degree, experience, and compassion for others through this role, especially as the Holdsworth Society has provided me with many key networking opportunities and support.  

I view the role as two distinct responsibilities, but not mutually exclusive, and will act on them accordingly. I will create an integrated support network and ensure that there are effective procedures for members to raise concerns, and that these are dealt with appropriately. I will be pro-active in my role and make it more accessible, working with members to understand what they require. 

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 12.17.44 AM.png

For welfare, I will work with committee members to provide wide-scale support and promote welfare awareness. I will builder stronger links with the University’s welfare teams and make sure that their services are visible to members. I will also have a strong emphasis on mental health, especially around exams and the beginning of term, working with the academic and freshers’ officers. For Diversity, I will work with other societies, such as Women in Law, to provide events and opportunities for members. I will also ensure that national and international cultural holidays are respected and celebrated. 

Freshers Representative Candidate

Laura Hague

I am an open-minded, conscientious individual who is always dedicated to any position I undertake.


Previously, I have undertaken roles where I have worked with freshers. For instance, I was involved with Welcome Week this year. This opportunity to interact with freshers I found rewarding. This allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills. Also, I was a parent under the Holdsworth Family Scheme. I really engaged with this position as it allowed me to offer specific advice to a small group of first-year students. I feel strongly that this scheme is imperative for bridging the gap between first-year students and the rest of the society. Consequently, I believe this is a scheme that should be upheld within the society for years to come. Therefore, after completing such roles in the past with great enthusiasm and dedication I believe I am well suited for the position of Freshers Representative.


I will better the society because I am keen to ensure that there is cohesion between first-year students and members in other year groups. If elected, I aim to uphold an environment of unity between all students. For example, I aim to do this by making sure freshers feel included at society events. Recalling from personal experience of first-year I know it can be daunting. Therefore, I feel strongly about ensuring students enjoy their time at university and do not feel isolated. This is why it is essential to be approachable in order to ease any anxieties freshers may have. I believe I am able to use my own experiences and those of my peers to ensure that first-year students do not feel a similar way. Ultimately, I am motivated by my desire to make a difference and ensure that the society is inclusive as it can be. 

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