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Chair Candidate 

Candidate Manifestos 2023/24 

Chair Candidate

Miles Owen Simpson

I’m Miles, a penultimate year LLB law student and the current Secretary of the Holdsworth Club, and I am running to be Chair of the Holdsworth Club for 2023/24. As Secretary, I have been involved in managing contact with members, organising and leading internal and external meetings and planning and executing numerous careers events.

In terms of my plan for the club, my goal is to strengthen the Club’s connections with firms and chambers in Birmingham, as well as more niche UK-wide firms, to allow for stronger connections to the legal scene in Birmingham as well as a broader range of careers events.


Additionally, building connections with graduate employers who offer in-house careers would also be a priority - allowing insight and access to a wider range of employers and careers.


As well as this, I would like to introduce a number of new roles to the committee, including an LLB for Graduates/Alumni officer - to represent the increasing number of students on LLB for Graduates programmes - and a Careers Assistant - to aid the Careers Officer in providing more, high-quality careers events. 


In order to see these commitments through, I will use my relationships within the legal sector - gained from my position of Secretary - to seek additional sponsors and partnerships. 


The pursuit of these goals will ensure that the committee would go the extra mile for our members, ensuring a complete and supportive Holdsworth experience.

Finlay Davison

The Holdsworth Club is crucial in providing opportunities for its members to meet other students through social events and sporting activities. The role of Treasurer is critical to ensure these events are financially viable and to provide the best opportunities possible within the finances of the club. The idea of working closely with the Events Officers to provide entertaining events for the entire Club to enjoy such as the Law Ball is something that greatly interests me. 


While the Treasurer is a responsible role, I am an organised and responsible individual who is used to working in a team. I have experience of managing fundraising and managing funds for various events for charity. I am applying for the position as I am keen to play an active role in the Holdsworth Club to engage with people from other years and to maximise our time at Birmingham Law School.


I am also aware that this position would be very rewarding and the communication with sponsoring firms to ensure finances are in order would help build my communication skills. Furthermore, the position would demonstrate to future employers a sense of responsibility and teamwork which would help strengthen my interpersonal skills and CV.

Oluwemimo Adelugba

My primary motivation for running to be treasurer of this institution is to bring about greater inclusion for students from a disadvantaged background through the adoption of a new payment infrastructure. 

The Holdsworth club as a society is so prestigious because of the many illustrious names that have been members. These members however as a sign of the times were of a certain race, gender, and upbringing. The traditions of the society that have flowed from then have stemmed from that. 

I advocate a different approach that will foster greater inclusion and this offering is a flexible payment solution whereby memberships, event tickets, and merchandise can be offered on a buy now pay later basis.


As a member of this historically disadvantaged group, I found paying for the Holdsworth Club membership with my SLC disbursements difficult considering the other expenses at the beginning of the session. While I was fortunate to make the sacrifice, I realise that not everyone can and this is a barrier to accessing the opportunities we provide and enjoy at the club that many leverage in their journey into the legal profession. 

Besides appealing to students and driving inclusion, this will also have commercial reverberations for the society as evidenced in the fortunes of retailers. It will increase sales and boost the club’s coffers. 

In addition to this, I am keen to assist in the negotiation with new sponsors, development of new events and the inclusion of existing ones catering to ethnic minority members such as the Family Scheme

Hashir Mohammad

Secretary Candidates

Waleed Hassan


Hard work, determination and passion are the main elements that I put in anything I do.

Having always been an active member of the Holdsworth Club both prior to my election as the Diversity and Welfare officer and after has enabled me to see things from a different perspective. This unique perspective, along with my experience in the committee will provide me with all that is needed to deliver an excellent job as the society’s new secretary.


In short, I am a second-year law student who was born and raised in Italy. I also lived for a few years in Jordan before moving back to Milan, to subsequently join my mother in moving to the UK a few years ago. All of these experiences helped me develop a strong sense of responsibility and awareness - both of which are key values that I could bring to the role of secretary.



I understand that my work will mostly be internal and administrative. This, however, if done efficiently and by the right person, it could have major impacts on the committee’s overall performance and consequently, have a significant impact for the society’s members.

For this reason, I intend to further improve the Club’s digital administration standards, along with further personalising the members’ weekly newsletter. I will also introduce a monthly careers newsletter, which will be aimed more exclusively at careers-related events and opportunities.

Ellie Whiteley

My name is Ellie Whiteley and I am a penultimate year LLB Law Student. 

I am applying for the role of Secretary because I am a well-organised and proactive individual with strong interpersonal skills. I am friendly and approachable, and I will be able to communicate effectively both with other committee members and with club members themselves. 

I have had previous experience in a secretarial role – I was Head Girl at my Sixth Form, and I was responsible for organising our Year 13 Summer Ball: a huge event costing over £5,000. To ensure the smooth running of the ball, I had to ensure that emails were sent out to attendees, meetings were organised with the manager of the venue, and deadlines for invoices were met. I believe this task provided me with a strong set of skills that would be vital for the role of Secretary. I thoroughly enjoyed this task and would welcome the opportunity to take on another similar role.

Ellie Whitely.png

If my application for this role is successful, I aim to acquire feedback from members of the Holdsworth Club surrounding their level of engagement with weekly newsletters. I will then act on this feedback in a way which will increase engagement – whether this requires adapting the content of the newsletters or sharing them on a more accessible platform. 

Finally, I believe I am a strong candidate for Secretary as I am organised, punctual and can type fast (fast enough to raise eyebrows in lectures).  

Thank you for reading!

Erin Bieler

I am a first-year undergraduate studying Law with French Law and I am eager to apply for the position of secretary of the Holdsworth Club. I am confident that the skills I have developed through my experiences, particularly my organisational and interpersonal abilities, would enable me to excel in this role and make a valuable contribution to the Holdsworth committee.


During sixth form, I had the privilege of serving as a Senior Prefect, a role that demanded a high level of responsibility and leadership. I participated in weekly meetings with the headmistress, where we discussed upcoming events that the Senior prefects would organise and manage. Through the planning and execution of these events, I gained valuable experience in attention to detail and interpersonal communication.

Erin Bieler.jpeg

In addition to event planning, I was also responsible for coordinating tour guides for prospective students and their parents. This task required me to maintain regular communication with administration staff and students, allowing me to develop good technological proficiency and organisation through the consistent email communication and the drafting of timetables.


Outside of my academic pursuits, I have also honed my organisational skills through my commitment to tennis and running. I have learned to maintain a well-balanced schedule while meeting work deadlines, which I believe would be essential in the role of secretary.


I am excited about the opportunity to bring my skills to the Holdsworth Club and contribute to its success. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to hearing from you.

Careers Officer Candidates

Hriday Vermani

I’m Hriday Vermani a first-year LLB- LAW student from India. I am running for the  position of Career Officer. My qualifications, and experience in different fields make me the  ideal candidate for this role. I have had the opportunity to serve as a member of the  organizing committee for ASMUN, a model United Nations organization. Additionally,  during the Covid-19 pandemic, I had the privilege of working with the Government of India to organise vaccination camps. 

How I would better society 

NETWORKING- I plan to leverage from my past experience as a member to organize more  networking events with law firms and chambers. This will enable all to gain valuable insights  into the workings of various firms and learn from the experiences of others. I will introduce a  new initiative where members can interact with Alumni’s who have recently joined the legal sector, providing them with a more comprehensive understanding of the profession.

Hriday Vermani.JPG

SUPPORT- I aim to help members by providing them with application support workshops  and application writing sessions. Also helping them become more commercially aware by  arranging commercial awareness camps, particularly for those seeking to enter commercial  law. I hope to equip members with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in their  chosen fields. 

STAY UPDATED- It is essential to keep everyone updated about all the upcoming  opportunities in the legal sector. I will ensure that all members have access to the latest  information and opportunities, thus enabling them to make informed decisions about their  career paths.

Ben Price

As a current second-year law student and aspiring solicitor, I constantly seek new opportunities to improve my employability. The role of Careers Officer at The Holdsworth Club presents a unique and fulfilling opportunity to strengthen my own employability whilst helping other students achieve their career goals.


 My experience in applying to law firms and securing interviews with prestigious firms such as Ashurst and Charles Russell Speechlys has given me a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in the legal recruitment process. As Careers Officer, I would use this experience to guide and support members of The Holdsworth Club in navigating the competitive and often daunting world of legal job applications.

 Furthermore, I am highly personable and approachable, making me well-suited to the role of Careers Officer. I am committed to providing students with the help they need to achieve their goals and would take great satisfaction in seeing them succeed. My diverse work experience, including roles as a fulfilment manager and pro bono worker, has given me strong teamwork and organisational skills, both of which would be valuable in my role as Careers Officer.


Finally, as Careers Officer, I could provide significant benefits for members of The Holdsworth Club. I would organise a range of events designed to maximise the career potential of each member. From networking events to workshops on application writing and interviewing, I am confident that I could help students develop the skills and experience they need to excel in their future legal careers.

Ayal Doctors

My name is Ayal Doctors. I am a penultimate year Law with French Law student. I am excited to be applying for the role of Careers Officer for The Holdsworth Club, as I am confident that I have the skills, experience, and determination necessary to make a positive impact.


I have a genuine desire to help others: I have tutored multiple pupils and volunteered as a youth leader for various movements. Having participated in numerous careers events, I have a strong understanding of the legal industry and what is required of applicants for law vacation schemes and training contracts. As the Careers Officer, I would work tirelessly and efficiently to organise workshops and networking events, helping Holdsworth members develop the skills and connections necessary to succeed.

Ayal Doctors - photo.JPG

I have experience organising events and managing logistics as a university events officer in Paris. I am adept at communicating clearly with accountants and managers, which will enable me to effectively invite legal professionals to attend our events. 

I plan to bring new ideas to the society to better serve our members. These include establishing a mentorship programme, connecting aspiring solicitors with current and former UoB students who have secured a training contract. I hope to create an online resource hub, featuring application advice and insights from those in the legal industry. I will organise joint events with other societies within the university, such as The Business Society, to provide members with a broader understanding of how the legal industry intersects with other industries.

Ben Price- Careers Officer.jpg

Barrister Representative Candidates

Tayyib Azeem

Being an aspiring barrister since I was 13, my life has been dedicated towards this dream. However, the bar as we know is extremely competitive. Because of this, I have often found  myself part of a minority of students who dared to pursue a career at the bar. 

The majority of second year students such as myself know which route they wish to take,  implying that the decision to not go down the barrister route is made in the first year of a law  degree. This is something I would work with the Freshers Representative with, to ensure that  first years are given adequate exposure to a career at the bar and are able to make an informed choice about their career path.

Tayyib Azeem.jpg

Throughout my studies I have been lucky enough to secure 3 mini-pupillages. Knowing what experience Chambers’ look for in pupillage applications, I would ensure all members are  given workshops in mini-pupillage applications as well as offering one to one application  advice to those who require it.  

I was recently part of the winning team in the 2023 UoB CEPLER Year 2 Mooting Camm Cup. Having had the experience of winning a mooting competition, this is also something I would be able to bring to this role, aiding those competing in external moots as well as using my own experience in mooting to collaborate with a team and be successful in external competitions.  

With my knowledge of the bar, I believe I would be a successful barrister representative.

Sarish Mohar

"Setting the bar high"


Hello fellow law students!

I believe I should be familiar to many of you since I am currently serving as the academic officer of the Holdsworth Club. 

Why should you vote for me again?

I promise the same enthusiasm and peer-centric focus that have driven me to support many of you academically this past year. However, serving in a new role would allow me to bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to complement the existing good work done by the current Barrister Rep. 

Sarish Mohar.jpg

I have a wide range of experience in both advocacy and holding leadership positions. I was the Vice President of both my high school and UOB’s debate team. I am also a youth wing member of Singapore’s main opposition political party. Advocacy wise, I was the grand-finalist of the Law Advocacy competition in my pre-university and also represented UOB at Advocate of the Year. I have also won a number of titles in competitive debating including the Law and Justice Open and Liverpool IV recently.

In Singapore, I have interned at a range of law firms and worked on capital cases. I have also served in the pro bono and legal aid wing of the Law Society. Although Singapore has a fused profession, my enthusiasm to step out of my comfort zone is evidenced by attending every barrister-led event that was organised this academic year.

As such I believe I bring a wealth of experience to the role and I look forward to receiving your support!

Drew Wills

Hi, I’m Drew, and I am applying for the role of barrister representative. I am a sociable person who has a passion to complete the Bar. My friendly and outgoing personality allows me to connect with UoB students on a personal level. If I gained this role I would reach out to the four Inns of Court to give UoB students a chance at different in-person opportunities that they might not be able to reach otherwise.


I think I would be the perfect candidate for this role as I have had roles involving leadership before. I have attended courts in Cardiff and have watched trials which has been beneficial in showing me what career path I want to take. I want to plan enjoyable and educational in-of-court trips and work closely with qualified barristers. I have a desire for advocacy and this role would work well with the advocacy module I am taking next year. I would love to plan more advocacy events such as mooting competitions and mock trials, as well as having guest speakers give us students an insight into what working at the bar would look like.

Drew Wills.jpeg

Coming from a working-class background I have not had many opportunities arise to get involved in such activities so I would represent the University in helping people with such opportunities. If I was to obtain this role, I would make it an inclusive and friendly environment where everyone feels welcome!


Thank you for reading, hopefully see you next year.

Gonai Roy Mupfunya

I am particularly interested in applying for the barrister representative role as I personally aspire to be a barrister in the future. Taking on this role will give me a wonderful insight into the legal world and would provide me with invaluable experiences and opportunities. I am excited to maintain existing relationships with sponsors and to find new creative ways to bridge the gap between organisations and students. Being an international student from a developing country such opportunities are rare and it often takes from the offset, great sacrifices to even get a foot in the door.


This past year, opportunities have not been well advertised to all students, and from my discussions with a range of students it has shown that a majority have not felt confident nor well informed about the opportunities pertaining to aspiring barristers feeling that events organised, heavily leaned towards prospective solicitors.

Gonai Roy Mupfunya.jpeg

This coming academic year I would love to ensure that more barrister- specific opportunities are provided and with my background working as a Law student experience ambassador, rep, and tutor I believe my experience and connections formed from these various roles will provide a platform to attain desired results.


With my perspective as an international student, I also feel I will be personally invested in helping the international student community that is interested in pursuing work in the legal field locally which I feel gets drowned out due to a lack of representation.  

Academic Officer Candidates

Andrew Ko

Greetings Holdsworth Club Members,


I am writing to express my sincere interest in running for the Academic Officer role in the upcoming Holdsworth Club election. This specific role appeals to me because I believe I manifest the necessary diligent and passionate mindset to accomplish the best results throughout my legal studies, which I am willing to inclusively transfer upon new law students the skills and techniques that I found useful along my journey. As someone who was obliged to maintain good academics while having to perform significantly well in sport competitions during high school, I firmly believe that I am in a good position to offer insight to students in balancing their studies with other areas of their life- whether it be their hobbies or social life. I understand that there are a wide range of factors that are required for students to maintain good academics, hence I plan to innovate the functions of an ordinary Academic Officer. I have spoken to Holdsworth Club members Sarish Mohar and Eliott Liau, and both have expressed their greatest support for me to run for this role.

Andrew Ko.png

As the next Academic Officer, I understand that I hold a large responsibility and commitment in improving the overall academic well-being of members. Therefore, I hope after reading my initiatives, you can come to a confident decision to vote for me. 


Yours Sincerely, 

Andrew Ko

Student email:

Manmeet Kang

My name is Manmeet, and I am running for Academic Officer. I am currently in my first year in the LLB for Graduates program.  I previously completed my Bachelor of Arts at the University of Waterloo, in Political Science a minor in Speech Communication. I am running for Academic Officer because I believe that I have the skills and experience to succeed. In my undergraduate studies I was heavily involved with the Political Science Students Association for three years. I started off as the Vice-President of Administration, then got elected as the Vice-President of Social-Media, and in my last year I was appointed Vice-President of the association. I helped organize a variety of events to encourage personal and professional development. Some of the academic events I worked on were Linkedin and resume workshops, upper year pathway panels, essay writing workshops, and a life after undergrad panel.


I can use my experience and bring my ideas if elected. When I came to UoB, one of the things I found to be difficult was approaching problem questions. I would look into organizing an event that would take place a few weeks prior to the deadline of the first year's formative, outlining what BLS expects and how to tackle it. After the presentation, there would be a separate workshop session where students can ask questions on formatives, and even get one on one help with their writing. I am passionate in any role that I take on and would be a great candidate for Academic Officer.

Diversity and Welfare Officer Candidate

Alex Virdi

I’m Alex, a 2nd year LLB law student from Birmingham. I plan on delivering a range of events to promote diversity & inclusion in the society. Specifically, I aim to spread awareness on mental health and to empower every member to feel comfortable expressing themselves in Holdsworth & the legal industry at large.


Supporting neurodiversity in law & Improving communication regarding welfare delays

There have been communication delays with the BLS regarding welfare issues with our members and I want to explain the extent of this issue with BLS so action can be taken.


Continuation with Family Scheme

This scheme has helped many 1st year students manage challenges involved in transitioning into university life, which can have an impact on their welfare. 

Alex Virdi.png

Advisory Subcommittee 

Composed of a range of members from underrepresented communities (Women, LGBTQ+, religious groups, people with disabilities, etc.). There will also be an International Representative to engage with the needs of international students and graduates.


Diversity Awareness Events

These events will help members connect with those from a similar background or even allow members to learn potential issues or stigma about diversity in law. 

I wish to collaborate with the range of diverse law societies, from Black Law Students Society and Women In Law Society to spread awareness.


Diversity-Focused Careers Opportunities 

I plan on organising a range of events on topics surrounding diversity & inclusion, ranging from law firm events to essay or speech competitions.

Social Event Officer Candidates 

Oscar Fong

Hi, my name is Oscar, I am running for social events officer because I want to improve the overall experience of the events for all Holdsworth Club members! I have many new event ideas that I would love to implement if given the opportunity.


I have a lot of experience planning and hosting events for societies so this role would be a perfect fit for me and the key to this role is getting a variety of input. As the social events officer I would love to hear as much feedback as possible on what events people want and how to improve our current events. This is vital to improving the overall experience and is something I take very seriously.


I want to create events that everyone will enjoy and to leave a positive impact of the members of the Holdsworth Club, your feedback and support will help me achieve this.

Oscar Fong.jpg
Ben Lisemore 

In my first year as a Holdsworth member I have thoroughly enjoyed all the socials I have attended. Despite losing the football game against the medics, the social afterwards was one of the best nights out I have had. More formal events such as the Christmas party and Law Ball were also great fun and I saw how much the society has to offer. These events prompted me to apply for Social Events Officer as I want to continue and add to them. I am approachable, organised and dependable and would be very happy communicating with other members of the committee and with suppliers and people who run venues to arrange events.


I have lots of ideas, such as trying more socials with other university departments and being a big pub quiz fan myself, introducing such events. I also recognise how it is important to have sober socials so more daytime events could be good, such as going to see some of the sights around Birmingham; Cadbury world is close by. I also want to continue staple Holdsworth events such as LAWD and the Law Ball and ensure they are as enjoyable as I found them in my first year.

Ben Lisemore.PNG

Overall, I think I would be a good choice for social secretary as I have a clear idea of what I want to do in the role and would feel comfortable being responsible for the smooth running of these events, ensuring every member can get involved in something they want to.

Maria Moiseeva

As the Social Events Officer of the Holdsworth Club, I aim to  promote diversity, inclusivity, and sense of community among  our members by hosting social events that celebrate our society's rich  culture. 

To achieve this, I will focus on three key goals: 

1. Increase Diversity: I will ensure that all Holdsworth Club events  are diverse by creating a greater variety of activities, reflecting  different interests of the diverse group that makes up our Law  Society. A Talent Show is an excellent way to showcase our members' interests outside of university studies: students could  choose from a variety of performances, like singing, dancing, etc.;  students will be able to build new friendships based on similar  interests through this event.


2. Promote Inclusivity: I will plan events that are accessible to all  members of the Law Society by creating a supportive and respectful  environment. Cultural Runaway is one example: members will walk  dressed up in their cultural costumes; they will also be able to tell  interesting facts about their cultures. This event will allow students to  understand cultural differences and create an appreciation for our  diverse student body. 

3. Foster Unity: I will host a heritage celebration event to bring  students together. This event will give our members the opportunity to  learn more about the club’s history and understand the importance of  our shared heritage.

Publicity Manager Candidate

Husna Shabbir

I’m Husna, an LLB law student and the current Publicity Officer of the Holdsworth Club. I am running to become the Holdsworth Club’s Publicity Manager for 2023/24.

My current role sets me aside from the other candidates applying for Publicity Manager, as I have already acquired the relevant marketing knowledge, skills, and expertise to produce content for the club that is of the highest calibre, using graphic design software tools. I will ensure to liaise with the other committee members and our sponsors regarding their social media packages and the content they would like created during application season and for events. Additionally, I can effectively help manage the club’s social media platforms, thanks to my current role, which has demonstrated my strong organising abilities and attention to detail.

Husna Shabbir.jpg

As Publicity Manager, I aim to make the club’s TikTok account more prominent. The content would vary from career events and socials to the ‘day in my life’ segments of myself and other committee members. TikTok therefore offers ample opportunity for the club to develop its brand and interact with a wider demographic, including law firms and other external organisations.

I would be proficient at communicating effectively as Publicity Manager by being supportive and responding to members’ queries. Also, I’d ensure to introduce monthly polls to ask members about the progression of their degrees, the club’s events they have attended and their experiences. Their input will allow me to monitor satisfaction and consider ways the club could make further improvements. 

Below you can see an example post created by Husna

Husna Shabbir - Sample.jpg

Vice Chair Candidate

Alyssa Loveres

I’m Aly, a penultimate year LLB law student and the current Careers Officer of the Holdsworth Club. As Careers Officer, I have achieved my goal of helping the Club’s aspiring solicitors prepare for their chosen career path amidst the competitive legal industry. I have demonstrated my diligence, organisation, and hard work, and I plan to take this a step further as the next Vice Chair. 

Beyond supporting the Chair, I plan to revitalise the Vice Chair position as a role dedicated to the internal affairs of the Club by ensuring an accountable, efficient, and collaborative Committee. 

I plan to make the Club more consultative by releasing a semestral survey inviting all members to share the events, programmes, and support they wish to receive in the upcoming academic year. Transparency and progress reports will be released at the end of each semester to highlight the Committee’s efforts to achieve the member’s expectations from the survey results. 


To continue forwarding helpful and innovative events, I will take an active role in ensuring strong relationships with the Law School and the other law societies to collaborate on new and exciting events for our members. I plan to carry this over internally by supporting all the officers in organising their events by using the experience and connections I have gathered as Careers Officer to make these programmes bigger and better.


Through these, I strive for a Committee that can go the extra mile in maximising every member’s chance at a holistic law school experience.

Treasurer Candidates

George Cooper Platt

To be the Treasurer of the Holdsworth Club is to take on a vital role in ensuring the financial stability and success of this esteemed organization. As a candidate seeking this position, I am driven by a deep sense of commitment to the principles of accountability, transparency, and responsible financial management.

My vision for the role of Treasurer is grounded in a few key principles. First and foremost, I believe in the importance of developing and maintaining clear financial procedures and systems that allow for accurate tracking of all transactions and expenditures. This will help to ensure that the Club's finances are managed in a responsible and sustainable manner and that members can have confidence in the integrity of our financial practices.

George Platt - Treasurer.jpg

Secondly, I am committed to ensuring that the Club's finances are used in a way that reflects our values as an organization. This means prioritizing investments in areas that promote the growth and well-being of our members and our broader community, while also seeking to minimize unnecessary expenses or waste.

Finally, I believe that the role of Treasurer is not just about managing finances, but about fostering a culture of financial literacy and responsibility among all members of the Club. As Treasurer, I will seek to educate members about our financial processes and decision-making and encourage active participation and engagement in the financial health of our organization.

In summary, I am deeply committed to serving as a responsible and effective Treasurer for the Holdsworth Club. With a focus on accountability, values-based decision-making, and community engagement, I believe that I can help ensure the long-term financial sustainability and success of this important organization.

Publicity Officer Candidates

Liberty Dickin

I am excited to apply for the position of Publicity Officer for the Holdsworth Law Society. As a student who is passionate about the law, I believe that my skills and experience make me an excellent candidate for this role.


As a creative and strategic thinker, I have extensive experience developing and executing effective posts to raise awareness of different clubs. For example, I would create mental health campaigns posted online and aim as future vice-president for my sports society to expand the social media the society uses. 


I am also a strong communicator and team player. I have experience collaborating with diverse groups of people to achieve common goals, and I am committed to maintaining open lines of communication with all members of the society.

As Publicity Officer, I would ensure that the Holdsworth Law Society's events and initiatives are well-attended and well-publicised. I would effectively work and liaise with the publicity manager to create engaging and informative content that would be shared across all social media platforms, reaching current, past and future members.


Overall, I believe that my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this role. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the success of the Holdsworth Law Society, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Below you can see an example post created by Liberty 

Liberty Dickin.jpeg
Liberty Dickin - Sample.png
Madison Stoyanowski

I am applying for the publicity officer role as I believe that I can bring a creative aspect to the The Holdsworth Club’s social media pages. I am organized, pay attention to detail, and can balance my time between academic and extracurricular activities, all of which I would bring to my position if chosen. I hope to infuse a creative and capturing element to all of the posts that I would be making on Instagram and Facebook, that individuals apart of the society would find attractive and appealing.

I have previous been the Managing Editor of the Yearbook, the Communications and Social Leader for the Business Club, and a member of the Social Team for the Student Association at my previous university. In being a part of all these clubs, I have been able to develop my skills in time management and adapt to whatever task was asked of me, while balancing academic work and a job. 

Madison Stoyanowski.jpg

I would use all of my abilities to be a solid and involved member of the Holdsworth Club, where I would step up in any and every way so that I could to support the committee members throughout the academic year and that we can work the best together. Each social media post would be created with care and diligence so that the members and students know that every aspect of the club is worked on with consideration.

Below you can see an example post created by Madison

Madison Stoyanowski - Sample 2.png
Muna Khalif

I strongly feel that I'm an ideal candidate for this role due to my avid interest in creative design. My passion for art and media has honed my attention to detail, in particular the stylistic designs and layouts of social media pages and posts.


I possess strong time management and organisation skills, which are essential in this role. Having worked at Subway, I worked a combination of night and day shifts, which has taught me the importance of balancing work and academic life. This experience has honed my organization and time-management skills, which I believe will be useful in managing multiple tasks and meeting deadlines as Publicity Officer.

Muna Khalif.JPG

As a frequent user of social media, I am well-versed in the latest trends, which I believe can be used to engage with our audience. Through my experience as a social media consumer, I understand the importance of creating content that reflects our values as a university society and promotes diversity and inclusivity. I am a strong advocate for promoting diversity and inclusion, and as a member of the Holdsworth sub-diversity committee, I am confident that our social media platform can be used to achieve these goals and create a safe and welcoming environment for all.


I am proficient in the use of tools like Canva, which will allow me to produce cohesive and visually appealing posts for our social media platform.  I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the team and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

Below you can see an example post created by Muna

MK Sample.jpg
Amandeep Kaur

Why me?

As a current second year law student I have gained an interested in broadening my marketing skills and finding a creative outlet that could support my legal career. 

I would be a good fit for the role, as I previously took on the role of a freshers’ public relation committee member for the University of Birmingham Sikh Society whereby, I gained a lot of experience with working in a society and using social media to create content to promote events for example. I am very familiar with having to manage my time when producing great quality content, to ensure society members are aware of society events and opportunities to upskill.


As a publicity officer for the Holdsworth Club I hope to support the publicity manager in producing high quality content that ensures members are aware of the great opportunities that law firms provide, and other opportunities that members can take part in outside of the law degree, and opportunities within the Holdsworth Club. 


My goals!

One of my goals as a publicity officer would be to promote as many opportunities as possible to network and gain experience for all our members including alumni, graduates, postgraduates, and undergraduates. 

Another goal would be to celebrate diversity as widely as possible by creating content that our members and future members can relate to including religious and cultural events, for example. 

Finally, providing a safe social space whereby members are kept up to date on what the Holdsworth Club is up to!

Below you can see an example post created by Amandeep

Holdsworth Summer Party.jpg

Sports Officer Candidates

Zoe Cox

Hi, my name is Zoe and I study Law with Criminology and I would like to be your next sports officer. I have grown up being very involved with sport and am now part of UOB netball alongside Holdsworth football and netball which has developed effective time management and organisational skills.


Further experience: 

  • Coached/ captained sport teams. 

  • Hold a management position in my job. 

  • Specialist training such as umpiring, first aid and risk assessments. 


Why I am going for this role: 

  • I’ve seen first-hand the positive experience being part of Holdsworth sports teams:

    • Making wider connections,

    • Advice provided by peers.

  • As a participant in netball and football I have a personal investment to the success of both teams, this will ease the organisation and process of pitch hire and enable effective communication between captains when entering leagues.

Zoe Cox.png

My goals: 

  • Increase inclusivity/ participation rates:

    • Run a poll to see interest in: 

      • Current teams

      • Trying out a new sport; potentially just training, as there are limited sports involved in campus league,

      • Entering a local league for those who want to play at a higher standard,

    • Increase amount of training sessions for current sports for those who do not want to play competitively.

  • Increase diversity within teams:

    • Advertise that all teams are mixed and available to everyone.

  • Organise friendlies with other universities/ other societies within uni. 


Thanks for reading, I hope I can count of your vote!

Evan Beldom 

I am currently a first-year student and play for the Holdsworth football team. I feel I would be a good fit for the Sports Officer role as I am organised, proactive and enthusiastic.


Although we get the opportunity to play a lot of football matches through the Campus League on Wednesday and Sundays, I would love for both the football and netball teams to play more games and particular, tournaments across the year. I have personally found that by playing in the tournaments, both teams strive in a more competitive atmosphere whilst also having a good laugh.  I would organise matches and tournaments outside of Campus League alongside sports nights and socials.

Evan Beldom.png

If I became Officer, I would advertise more whether this would be through the Holdsworth Law Society Instagram or mentions in the opening lectures in the new year in which try-outs for both teams would be held as my aim would be to encourage a greater number of students to try out for both teams. I would attempt to recruit as many first years as possible together with those who missed the chance to play in second and third year.  As a Sports Officer, I would like to ensure we have the biggest and best squads within a team full of top players and great people.


I have chosen to apply for this role as I would love to combine my passion for sports and the football team with an active commitment to the Holdsworth Law society.

Alice Beecher

Growing up I have frequently played and spectated sport which has influenced my career prospects and my involvement in this year’s Holdsworth Netball Team. As social secretary of the club I have a duty to organise events for the team to attend in order to boost the connection of our players on and off the court. With help of my participation in the club, I am aware of the fundamentals of how to register a team into campus league, organising and hosting trials, what will enhance participation rates and the importance of communication with law sports teams from other universities to differentiate game play outside of campus league. 


If I were to be successful in my application, as a tennis enthusiast, I would love to create a law tennis team to add alongside the football and netball teams. From first-hand experience, it is really important when joining university to immerse yourself in the societies which are on offer to make friends with common interests, take a break from your studies (benefitting individuals mentally and physically) and pick up a new hobby which you are likely to enjoy. To be successful in this, I will create a welcoming and friendly environment across all sports, where students are kept notified when trials will take place, provide someone to talk to if they have any queries and make it clear regardless of your level, you are a valued member of the team. I also hope to bridge the gap of the gender stereotypes of sport, encouraging gender neutral participation in football, netball, and tennis. 

Freshers Representative Candidates

Megan Nicolette Tan

My name is Megan and I am running for Freshers’ Representative.


As a current first-year, I am empathetic and excited for students transitioning into university. I am passionate to support first-years by creating an inclusive experience through the role. 


You can count on me to play an active role at Freshers events - I will be there to personally engage and welcome first-years. I bring to the role 2 years of experience as a student representative. I am currently the student representative at Birmingham Law School (BLS). I also served as a Class Chairperson prior to university. I developed leadership skills to be the voice of the student body, ensuring everyone feels heard. 

Megan Tan.jpg

Bilingual, I can connect effectively with both local and international students. On top of organising freshers welcome week, I am keen to introduce a buddy system to relieve the pressure of attending freshers events like LAWD alone. Furthermore, I am adept in social media and can utilise it to complement outreach and engagement with freshers. I aim to contribute to the Family Scheme by encouraging more sign-ups amongst first-years. 


My goal as Freshers’ Representative is to be a friend and pillar of support for first-years to integrate into BLS seamlessly. I also aim to work cohesively with committee members in ensuring best opportunities (like networking events with law firms, tips for surviving exams) are provided for fellow members. 

I hope to have your vote to build an inclusive community where first-years enjoy everlasting bonds.

Eleanor Jones

I would love to be the Holdsworth Club Freshers Representative next year. I will be going into my final year studying International Law and Globalisation, so have two years experience to bring to the role and give guidance to members. I have really benefited from Holdsworth events during my first two years, so would like to give back and continue such a strong law society.

I believe I would be a strong fit for the role, I was a law school student mentor last year so have experience supporting freshers. I am organised and take the initiative, so would ensure that events were well planned and advertised. Having previously been on another society committee last year, I have experience in teamwork and supporting other committee members. I write a weekly blog, so these communication skills will be beneficial for creating the Freshers Welcome Guide. Finally, I was part of the Family Scheme during my first year, so will be able to bring my experience of this when supporting it and will be better able to ensure it is adapted to all participants.

Eleanor Jones .jpg

If I am elected as Freshers Representative, I will work hard throughout the year to ensure that everyone, particularly freshers, feel supported and integrated into Holdsworth Club and the law school more generally. I will aim to expand sign-ups through events and the Family Scheme to help all members get the best law society experience they can, and show them the many opportunities that Holdsworth Club offers.

Juliet Walker

As a prospective Freshers representative, I'm passionate about Law and eager to contribute  to the legal community. This position would allow me to advocate for the needs of my peers  starting their journey at Birmingham Law School. As someone who served as a student  representative for the Law department last year, I can bring experience and insights into the  role of the fresher representative. During my time as a student representative, I learned the  importance of effective communication, collaboration, and advocacy where I worked with  my fellow students and faculty members to identify and address issues. I would utilise these  experiences to be a guiding, supportive and reliable figure for the incoming students. In my  role I would promote inclusivity and accessibility to all the events and information open to  freshers that are crucial to ensure they have a smooth transition into university life.


One  way I would deliver this is by creating a detailed and precise freshers handbook/guide that  includes information about their future modules, textbooks, events/opportunities, extra  curriculars, social events and all the other exciting new things they will experience as a law  student. My current exchange year provides me a unique global perspective on being a Law  student with experience in collaborating with students from different backgrounds and  cultures. I would be a good person for any freshers who are interested in doing exchange as  well. Driven by the idea of promoting professional and academic development opportunities.

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