This event is an opportunity for students to focus their research on firms prior to the Law Fair. As such we are hoping that an early casual networking social will allow students to get a head start on their applications and develop more specific and directed questions when the law fair takes place. We believe that this opportunity would not only enhance a student’s understanding but will also enhance the quality of candidate’sapplications as they will be more informed and prepared. 

Pre-Law Fair Networking Event

In line with our diversity initiatives this year, the Holdsworth Club would like to host an evening specifically catered to LGTBQ, BAME and disabled students which will be open to all other students who are interested as well. We hope that this event will allow students to learn more about what opportunities, diversity and inclusive initiatives firms and chambers take to ensure equality. We want to ensure that all our members have an equal opportunity to engage in events and feel comfortable whist doing so. The event will take place over one night either at the university or, upon request, at a specified location in Birmingham City Centre. 

Diversity Evening

Careers Week

The Holdsworth Club dedicates an entire week (Monday – Friday) within either the first or second term to career events. This week will be jammed packed with advice panels comprised of older students, graduates, workshops and presentations as well as individual firm days. We plan for these events to be hosted on the University of Birmingham’s campus to optimise exclusivity and accessibility. This is an opportunity for students to learn about a variety of professions. Each day of the Careers Week will include an event sponsored by an organisation. Sponsoring a day will include the organisation giving a presentation to our members with snacks and refreshments before and after the event. At the end of the week there will be a night dedicated towards The Networking Extravaganza event which is a fully catered social networking night that includes a photographer and a prize for the most dedicated student. 

In line with our diversity initiative we host Motivational Women in Law night that is comprised of a mix of motivational solicitors, barristers, justices and professors who have found much success within the legal profession. This event is open to all students within the school of law as we wish to encourage participation, strengthen our ties with our careers department and ensure that women have an opportunity to learn about the varying successes and obstacles that similar individuals have faced throughout their career. Furthermore, we hope that this event will be very inspiring and help facilitate female participation in the profession. 

Motivational Women In Law

Pop Up Events

Throughout the year, The Holdsworth Club in collaboration with our sponsors, often hosts events on campus that are career orientated. We encourage members to keep an eye on our website to keep up to date with our upcoming events. 

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