As a Barrister, you are legally representing an individual by utilising the skill of advocacy and legal knowledge. A Barristers role includes, but is not limited to, conducting legal research, taking instruction from counsel and devising legal strategy. Barristers often specialise in an area of the law that supplements their interest. 


In order to qualify you must complete the required LLB to the minimum standard of a 2:1 followed by the vocational training of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). These courses are offered at many institutions throughout the UK. To minimize the costs of the BPTC students must be aware that there are a limited number of scholarships to fund the program.  These scholarships are highly competitive and can be applied for through the four Inns of Court in the United Kingdom. Aside from the necessary academic requirement, extra-curricular commitments are highly advised to be successful during the application and interview stage. 


These extra-curricular commitments demonstrate dedication and an eagerness to learn. The Holdsworth Club can facilitate this with emphasis on mooting/advocacy competitions and using our established links with Inns of Court to arrange independent opportunities for Holdsworth members. The Barrister Representative at The Holdsworth Club is the first port of call with regard to the route to the Bar. The Barrister Representative will support you with your applications and extra-curricular activities. 


In addition, the Barrister Representative will organise events specific to the Bar so that Holdsworth members will have the opportunity to network exclusively. Our Holdsworth goal is to ensure that each and every member, with a potential interest in the Bar, will be aware of process, requirements and opportunities The Holdsworth Club brings to the law school. Through us you will also receive support regarding applications (including scholarship applications), activities such as mooting and Bar related events that will give you the advantage in your pursuit of becoming a Barrister.  


If you are a Holdsworth member and are seeking guidance and support with anything related to the Bar please contact our Bar Representative: