Committee Voting

2020-21 Manifestos:

Alex Willis

Running for Chair

Hello I am Alex, a second year LLB student, and am running for chair. I have been a student rep in Year One and served on the Pro Bono Group and Unicef committees this year, as a Streetlaw Coordinator and Treasurer respectively. I believe this variety of experience leaves me well placed to deliver the strong leadership the Holdsworth Club needs. I consider myself a personable and approachable member of the law school community and believe I can utilise this to attract new members and satisfy existing ones.


It has to be acknowledged that the Club is facing increased competition within the Law School from other societies. However, I believe our rich history lends us an unrivalled level of prestige that we would be foolish to ignore as we forge a new future for ourselves. But this confidence must not translate into complacency. To create a brighter future for the club we must raise our profile and refocus on ensuring this is viewed as a ‘value add’ society. I passionately believe I am the best person to do this and look forward to discussing my vision for the future with as many members as possible in the coming days.

Guilherme Cardoso Da Cunha

Running for Chair

I am a pragmatic, and results-driven individual, and having studied at two different
universities, I can bring a renewed perspective on the club’s relationship with firms and
sponsors. As a mature-student coming from Brazil, I have vast experience in the fields of
financing and commercial property as I worked as a paralegal at TLT LLP for a year. As the
Chair I will serve our members by ensuring that new unique opportunities are created to
complement our education.
We will achieve…
(1) Social Experience:
- Introduce a Parenting Scheme to increase integration and create relationships of people
from different backgrounds, and year groups from the very beginning of the academic year;
- I promise to deliver a Summer Law Ball exclusively for final year students;
(2) Diversity:
- Form a bursary for low-income students which covers the club’s membership;
- Incorporating diversity talks from inspiring individuals and work closely with the diversity
and welfare officers to increase the influence of initiatives like RARE recruitment, AS, and
(3) Employability:
- Create a ‘Bank of Application Tips’ which would consist of monthly insights into different
law practises, and podcasts interviewing professionals from range of sectors including
consultancy, banking and legal services;

Linh Hoang

Running for Chair

Hello! I’m Linh, a second-year law student and the current Secretary. I’ve loved being on committee this year and endeavour to show my commitment and ideas by continuing as your Chair!


My aims are to ensure you are supported, involved and valued in the society.


  • I intend to diversify our sponsorship catalogue to increase opportunities to our members.

  • I hope to build a strong connected community, by collaborating with other societies, to allow members to interact across campus, and build strong networks outside the society.

  • I aim to collaborate with other organisations to complement and guide you alongside your degree.

  • As students, I understand value for money is important, therefore, I endeavour to keep costs affordable, where possible.


It would be a personal achievement and a sign of support from the Holdsworth Club to become the first Asian female Chair, to show Holdsworth’s utmost commitment to diversity. Therefore, I intend to increasingly diversify our events and include everyone. 


I understand that juggling the position of committee, and being a 3rd year student, isn’t an easy task, but as Secretary, it’s proven I can be organised, proactive and enthusiastic, to drive the society forward. Please vote Linh for Chair!

Aled Luckman

Running for Treasurer

Hello! My name is Aled Luckman.  I am the current treasurer for the Holdsworth Society.  It has been a privilege to work with members and the Society this year and I thank you for all your support to date.  I am keen to serve you again in 2020/21 and bring to bear a great deal of experience and learning to the role. I have worked hard for the Society this year as my record shows:

  1. I have run the Society’s financials prudently and ensured our accounts have been well managed.  We are in credit and in good financial standing with our bank.

  2. The Society was able to finance a hugely successful ball but at significantly reduced prices for members.  This was no small task in terms of financial management, given the ambition of the Society to put on a great event. 

  3. I have championed and made significant use of the Society’s charitable status to deliver discounts, tax savings, and rebates.  This has ensured that as members we are getting the best value for money.

  4. I encouraged the increase of free events for our members to ensure great value when purchasing a membership. These were not cost free and the Society was able to absorb that cost through good financial management.

I pledge now that that if I am re-elected I will…

  1. Freeze the law ball ticket price for members. It was humbling to receive great feedback on the law ball pricing, and how it facilitated more members to attend.

  2. Increase our membership numbers to drive engagement

  3. Use only charity friendly companies to ensure we are getting the best value for your money.

  4. Increase the price difference between members and non-members events tickets to ensure the value of a membership is clear. 

Please trust in me again and vote Aled as Holdsworth Treasurer for 2020/21!

Elizabeth Ballie

Running for Secretary

My name is Eli, a first-year Law LLB student applying for
secretary. During college I was a student careers ambassador
and student panellist, meaning I was involved in sending out
newsletters and organising fairs with a range of companies and
universities. I was the first port of call for students on matters
from events to advise about courses and the UCAS process, all
of which I still do informally. I was part of a local football team
back home where I helped organise charity fundraisers, as well
as building upon my teamworking skills and team ethic. This led
me to set up my college’s first women’s football team. Some say
that my calendar is my best friend, which when said to those
who don’t know me well, sounds a tad tragic, but time-
management is a skill that I hold in high regard in both my
professional and personal life. During my gap-year and over
Christmas, I completed experience as a legal secretary where I
was expected to work to a high standard of organisation and
time-management. Having been an ambassador, I am well
acquainted with Canva (design and marketing tool) to create
posters, newsletters, digital content and social media posts.

Alex Penney

Running for Careers Officer

Hello everyone! My name is Alex and I am currently in second year. I am running for the Careers officer for the Holdsworth Club.


As your careers officer, I would continue the great work of the current officer, Haniefah, alongside introducing a few changes. Principally, I plan to work with the publicity officer to better promote the various events throughout the academic year, especially in the early weeks of semester 1. I plan to do this by producing a detailed schedule of confirmed events, that circulates at the start of the academic year and updated with new events. This would ensure students, especially in the first year, are fully aware of all the great opportunities to attend events geared towards both law (including solicitor and barrister) and non-law career events.


I would draw on my organisational and communication skills evident from my positions both in the Pro Bono Group and as Student Representation this year. I look forward to helping to ensure that every Holdsworth member can access a diverse range of career events in 2020/21 if I am elected!

Sara Shekarchi

Running for Academic Director

I am currently in my 2nd year studying LLB Law with Criminology, with a strong passion for corporate and commercial law. For the past year, I have been one of the academic tutors for the Holdsworth Club, tutoring first-years regarding their ‘Public Law’ module. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I have also received great feedback from students telling me how much I have helped and increased their confidence in the topic area. These achievements have led me to run for the ‘Academic Director’ role in the Holdsworth Club so that I can contribute even further to the tutoring programme and make the necessary adjustments that have been relayed to me by students throughout the year. I believe that I am extremely suited to the role as I have had direct contact with those who constantly rely on the tutoring scheme and I know exactly where to make improvements in order to further enhance the tutoring scheme. Additionally, as a tutor, I also have ideas on how to improve the tutor’s experience and ensure that they are also getting the most from the tutoring scheme.

Emily Wilson

Running for Barrister Rep

My name is Emily Wilson, a first year Law undergraduate and I am running to be the new barrister representative. I feel the important qualities for this role are strong organisational and interpersonal skills, as well as a genuine and passionate commitment. I relish opportunities to take on positions of responsibility and have significant experience of independent organisation of events. During college, as ‘Head of Events’ I was the liaison between staff members and students, responsible for contacting and meeting with speakers in the organisation, planning and promotion of events. Currently as ‘English co-ordinator’ on the committee with ‘Student Action for refugees’ I am fully committed to weekly volunteering including confirming attendees, organising resources and transport for the society.

The current member has been an amazing Barrister Representative, supporting me in attending numerous events that have allowed me to make invaluable connections and gain excellent insights. I would like to continue this, and having successfully organised work experience for myself from networking at these events, I feel am equipped with the interpersonal and proven initiative skills to coordinate bar events. As an approachable, sociable person I would be happy to help anyone who needed advice or help with barrister applications.

Olivia Gerard-Pearse

Running for Publicity Officer

I have been an active Holdsworth member since the start of my first year, and am keen to help push the work and events that the club carry out to build its support base and develop it further.

I have strong skills in publicity, which I have developed from my part-time employment with Seed Marketing. I promote big brands such as Amazon, BT and Misguided to a diverse audience on campus. I currently use all my social media platforms to attract attention to the student deals available and events that I help support, which I have found both successful and rewarding. I believe increasing the Club’s Instagram following and creating new innovative merchandise will attract more attention both on campus and online.

I have also learned how to push key educational messages to a more focused calibre of people when working with the Holocaust Education Trust, and thus believe I have the skills needed to publicise both the social and academic elements that Holdsworth provide members, especially early in the academic year to gain as many members as possible from incoming freshers so that they can enjoy the benefits of the club and we increase our numbers. I believe setting up a YouTube Channel with unique advice from partner firms would help members with applications for vacation schemes, mini pupillages and training contracts.

Finally, I have strong communication skills, which will be essential for publicising the Holdsworth events to a diverse audience in order for everyone to feel welcome and supported. This will see an increase in involvement, which will be essential to develop a stronger networking hub with alumni and partner firms.

Daniel Folayan

Running for Publicity Officer

I am a pragmatic, and results-driven individual, I can bring a renewed perspective on the
club’s relationship with firms and sponsors. As a mature student coming from Nigeria and
having lived in Wales, I have real world experience in the world of work, following recent
employment in senior positions at TUI UK & Ireland. As the Publicity Officer, I will serve
our members by ensuring our aim of achieving an increase in the level of engagement and
participation and to ensure a wider reach across all year groups, this will be crucial in
carrying out this role.
I will achieve…
(1) Social Experience:
- Working closely with the Chair and other committee members as we aim to primarily
broaden participation and ensure that there is a higher level of outreach to all members and to
promote recruitment of non-members through social media such as Instagram.
- Working closely with the Chair and other committee members as we aim to deliver a
Summer Law Ball exclusively for final year students;
(2) Diversity:
- Incorporating diversity talks from inspiring individuals and work closely with the diversity
and welfare officers to increase the influence of initiatives like RARE recruitment, AS, and
(3) Employability:
- Through working with law firms that sponsor us, I aim to further promote events and
activities that will be beneficial for all members.
- Maintain consistent communication through an open social channel for members, and non-
members who wish to participate and be a part of the Holdsworth Club.
(4) Academics
- Provide detailed information and updates on academic hours that are essential to students,
with queries being answered through a clear and open dialogue between the Holdsworth Club
and members.

Mary Connolly

Running for Publicity Officer

Being an avid follower of all things Holdsworth and given so many inclusive opportunities to attend law and non-law related events, I was very aware of all the events that were taking place last year. I would love the opportunity to continue this, and publicise the Holdsworth events and information so students are fully engaged in the society.

As I ran for the Guild’s women’s officer and received 1060 votes, I successfully publicised information in a way to attract attention and inform people. I was able to further my communication skills through posting on various social media sites and enhance my creativity through creating unique material that interested students. In addition, I developed an insight into the required calibre of publicised information to engage with students online so they read and engaged with my social media posts. I believe I would be able to utilise these skills into becoming the publicity officer, as I am completely involved with all the social media sites that Holdsworth use. I also have a good understanding of how to publicise Holdsworth events and information to ensure students are included in this diverse and supportive society, enabling them to progress and attend extremely useful events.

Gwyneth To

Running for Diversity and Welfare Officer

Hiya! I am Gwyneth, a second-year law student and am running for Diversity & Welfare
With my experiences as an international student, I feel as though things could be done to
improve the gap between international and home students! As for welfare, many law students
struggle with stress and I will be introducing regular sessions which would allow students to
informally have a chat with myself and the other diversity and welfare officer.
Coming from an international city, I have come in contact with people from a diverse
background. Apart from that, I have volunteered with both children and elderly which would
make me well-suited for the role.
In terms of my manifesto, I hope to work alongside the events officers to create events which
will allow international and home students to participate in. For example, a sports day after
exams could encourage interactions with law students outside your friendship group and help

Angel Valdivieso

Running for Diveristy and Welfare Officer

My name is Angel Valdivieso and I am a second-year student. I am running for Diversity and
Welfare Officer.
Most students will have realised that Law, although rewarding, is a tough subject. A
lot is expected from us, not only within the course but also outside. We must not hide this
–this clearly often impacts our mental health. There is a constant pressure to succeed and
cope with a poor work-life balance. However, there is a large stigma around asking for help.
It is no surprise that in the degree and career we have chosen, this is especially bad.
My extracurricular time revolves around diversity and wellbeing issues. I currently
am Vice-President of Urban Lawyers and have participated in numerous debates and panels,
exposing the hardships and advocating for solutions. I know what needs to change and have a
clear plan in mind.
If I am elected, I will establish weekly office hours for students who want us to hear
them and be directed to the right services. I will create an online platform to submit concerns
anonymously. I will also organise monthly workshops and more events targeted at ethnic and
sexual minorities.
It is time for real change.

Michelle Chan Pit Chu

Running for Events Officer

My name is Michelle, a 1 st year LLB Law student
running for Events Officer. I’ve thoroughly
enjoyed being a law student representative, as
well as a member of the Holdsworth women’s
netball team where I’ve developed relationships,
determination and the drive needed to represent
everyone’s best interests at law events. I really
enjoy socialising and think that my
communication skills will allow me to take on
board feedback to create a wider variety of
After attending Holdsworth annual events such
as the bar crawl, Christmas party and Law ball, I
felt motivated to be part of the team that
organises these great events. I have seen in other
societies how more regular events has created
stronger member relationships and would love to
facilitate this further for the Holdsworth club. For
a course that is as intense as law, I believe that
creating more opportunities for all Holdsworth
members would allow for further solidarity.
If I was elected, I would organise more events to
happen at least once a month and ensure they are
well promoted, as with greater awareness people
will feel encouraged to go to future events and
create solid connections amongst law students
across all years.

Rebecca Stretch

Running for Events Officer

Hi! I’m Becca, a second-year student running for the role of events officer!
I should be your events officer because I genuinely enjoy the planning, effort, and
commitment required. I’ve also got a lot of experience in organising events including being
on the Valefest committee this year which was an amazing experience.
I already have an extensive list of ideas to continue progressing the events we are offered and
ensure that university will be the most memorable and enjoyable experience. Obviously, I
intend to create an extravagant and amazing Law Ball. Whilst extending the number of
formal and informal career events, hoping to take advantage of the networking opportunities
the membership has to offer! Which is something that I’m already working on with a well-
known firm to create more student orientated events.
I also want to provide more social events that aren’t career orientated. As a second year I
understand how daunting law school can be and hope to host events where older members
and the committee can advise younger members. As well as more nights out and sober
Vote for me and I guarantee you won’t regret it!

Sabina Price

Running for Events Officer

I would relish the opportunity to take the position of events officer at the Holdsworth club, I
consider myself to have great interpersonal skills, being outgoing and gregarious along with
strong written communication abilities. I’d like to take on the role alongside my studies to
convey a level of time management and organizational skills that I’ve developed through the
years. During sixth form I was Deputy Head Girl and arranging events such as the leavers’
prom, the leavers’ bar crawl and other social events for students was a prominent part of
the role. I thus feel equipped with the qualities I developed from my time in that role to take
on the position for Holdsworth and meet the expectations of members to provide the best
society experience possible. Not to mention I am the designated holiday arranger of all of
my holidays with friends, of which there have been numerous, so figuring out and arranging
logistics and establishing travel itineraries is not something I am new to.
I’d like to increase the level of social events available for Holdsworth members, not only to
attract new members but bolster the sense of community amongst law students.

Ella Stewart

Running for Freshers Rep

I’m an approachable, reliable, and friendly first year wishing to run to be next year’s Freshers
As a first year myself, I found it difficult to find my feet at university. Many fresher’s think
of Law School as a competitive place – similar to the Hunger Games… it’s not! Making
friends on your course is so important as you will be together for the next 3 years!
Although Holdsworth is a great way to meet fellow students, gaining the courage to attend
events (such as networking), often alone, is daunting. As Fresher’s Rep, I want to work with
other committee members, such as the events officer and sports officer, to organise more
socials and sporting activities solely for first years.
I am just an ordinary person still figuring out the workings of Law School for myself, but I
still feel as though my confidence has grown massively since the beginning of first year, and
I feel I can offer advice to those who are struggling to adapt to the new challenges of
university life.

Millie- Rose Wells

Running for Freshers Rep

I’m Millie-Rose and I’m currently a third year LLB with French student. Having been a
member of The Holdsworth Club for three years, I understand the importance of an active
and successful law society and would love to have the opportunity to further enrich this
already well-established society. My interest in being Freshers Representative stems from
my belief that your connection with the law and your University experience is determined by
your initial impressions and opportunities. Moving to University is daunting. A lot of
students feel overwhelmed, and this can have a large impact on how well they settle into
University and their surroundings. I would love to be committed to ensuring that this
transition to higher education runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible so that students no
longer feel overwhelmed, but welcomed, from the second they receive their acceptance letter.
Being somebody that struggled to settle into first year myself, I am aware of the kind of
facilities and activities that I would have enjoyed and am keen to put these into play by
working both independently and with other officers, such as Diversity and Welfare and
Events, to ensure that no fresher feels out of their depth.

Archie Perks

Running for Sports Officer

My name is Archie Perks and I am a second year LLB Law student. Heading into my final
year here at UoB I would love the opportunity to be Holdsworth’s sports representative. I
have been an avid fan of many sports throughout my life, participating in the likes of football,
rugby, tennis and cricket on a regular basis. The opportunity to merge my two passions of
sport and law is something that excites me immensely. Having played in the Holdsworth
Football team for the past 2 years I have had a great experience but also have grown to
appreciate what it takes to run a team effectively. Given the opportunity in this role it would
be my aim to strengthen our existing teams, but I would also like to make more sports
available to law students within Holdsworth. I understand amongst current students there is
demand for a Rugby team, and it would be my intention to put it to the members to see what
other sports they may be interested in doing this forthcoming year. Lastly I would ensure
there is a strong connection between teams through the likes of socials and other events.

Abi Wyeth

Running for Sports Officer

My name is Abi Wyeth, I am a first year LLB law student and would like to apply for the
sports officer position. I am a player in the Holdsworth netball team and am very interested in
holding a position of higher responsibility when it comes to Holdsworth sports. I have ideas
which I would love to put into place if I were to become the officer such as organising
sporting events with other Universities rather than only playing against internal UoB teams. I
would use opportunity to ensure that I was involved with both the netball and football teams
making sure that both are happy and trying my best to make sure that both teams do well. I
feel as though I have essential skills which would make me suited to the role. I am confident,
therefore would enjoy communication with both teams. I have worked a variety of job roles
which has given me excellent organisation skills meaning that I would be quick to book
courts/pitches at the captain’s request. I would ensure that I was a friendly face and that
anyone from Holdsworth sports teams could reach out to me if they were to have any issues.


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