Academic Competitions


Competitive debating allows members to participate in internal and external academic events across the country. Candidates are presented with an idea and/or policy where they try to persuade the audience and/or panel that their argument has the most merit. Their position is heard through tactful knowledge and persuasive oral skills. 


Mooting plays an integral part of our law society. We work alongside CEPLER and other sponsor organisations. Moots will simulate a court hearing where participants will analyse a full legal problem, research the relevant law, and apply their knowledge through a written oral submission. The moot topic is based on an unsettled area of law that draws academic and practioner debate. 

commercial awareness

The Holdsworth Club, through the provision of tailored activities and events, seeks to develop our members holistically to make them well rounded and progressive individuals. The law and non-law based events exposes our members to greater world knowledge and opportunities that enhances and broadens their horizons. 

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